Monday, March 17, 2014

I really suck at blogging but here goes nothing.

     In all honestly, I suck at keeping up with blogs.  My life typically goes from insane to devastatingly boring to insane again. I'll try my best though if for nothing else but to look back and laugh later.  (I hope so, anyways.) Let's get right into this.

     My name is Harrison, I'm currently 17 years old, Georgia girl born and raised. My nicknames are Harry, Harrison Ford, Harry Potter, lil bit, bitch (ha) pumpkin, princess and squirt.  My best friend is Maura, we've been best best friends for 6 years and probably will be forever, it's not like we could find anyone else weird enough to befriend.  My boyfriend is my best friend and April 1st is our one year.  I have a brother 3 years younger than me, my parents divorced when I was 13 and my cousin Mary is my other half.  I'm known to be a very level headed person (as far as my family goes, which doesn't say much)  I can be sweet as can be when I want to, but I will turn into your worst nightmare if you cross me or anyone I love.  I love every kind of music, I've never seen a movie I didn't like, I'm a freak for old things (clothes, furniture, shoes, houses, history, men, etc.)  My boyfriend says I have a hundred personalities, my dad calls me diverse in the best way, and my grandmother calls me a chameleon.  I love to ride horses (I don't own any of my own unfortunately)  I love to organize and clean things, writing, photography, fashion and fancy dresses.  But don't let those things fool you, I also love mudding, shooting, climbing giant rocks and sliding and/or jumping from them, the lake, jet skiing, tubing, running, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, camping and all that great stuff.  I love dogs to death, I don't really talk much (which is probably in my best interest) and I love the beach. And the mountains. And everywhere else. (I'm being "diverse" again.)

     To get more into recent things:

     As I rang in the new year, I started to realize that this will be my year.  I've never had a say in any huge life-altering decisions or much of anything else as much as I've tried, but this year I'm 17, I'm young, and I'm going to kick any ass in my way to freedom.  For the first time in my life I've felt a spark, a glimmer of hope to take control and change my life for the better.  I've decided I want to move to Texas, where my boyfriend and his family lives.  No, not because I'm a bitchy teenage girl and my family sucks.  Because I'm going to do something to save myself for once.  For those who don't understand, I'm sure you will as I blog more. (or maybe I'll just be reminding myself, who knows.)  My family is a bunch of teenage girls, even the men.  When my parents divorced, the family split like the red sea, starting an eternally long family feud between us.  Now because I'm a cold hearted bitch and have no interest in picking sides, I fuck with both ends.  (I'm the rebel incase you haven't noticed already)  I basically raise myself, since my parents are too busy sabotaging each other to raise their kids.  Which I'm almost thankful for, for giving me the opportunity to make my own decisions for myself as an adult and not be dictated by some overgrown children.  I mentioned above that no one lets me make my own decisions.  The rest of my family (my grandparents, aunt, cousin, etc.) feel it's necessary to try to control everything I do, unfortunately it's completely irrelevant things like my heels being half an inch too high, what music I listen to, my shorts length, and the physical condition of my body. (weight, hair, makeup, nails, etc.) 

     Enough of the whining, here's some recent events that have taken place in my life recently neatly organized in a list:

  • My 12 year old Doberman, Dollar died about two weeks ago. 
  • My cousin Mary's Spring Spaniel, Jazz died the day after Dollar.
  • My brother signed a paper for my dad saying he wants to live with my dad and not my mom, which has started an oncoming court battle since my dad may or may not have put that he wants child support from my mom along with full custody of my brother, and for her to pay court and attorney costs. 
  • I was going to prom and flying my boyfriend in, I even bought a dress.  But because of that I called it off.  Which basically broke my heart but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  My parents won't do it anyhow. 
  • My boyfriend Kyle is flying here in 8 days, staying 5 (which was for prom) and then April 1st (our anniversary) I'm flying to Texas with him and staying for 3 weeks. (maybe not coming back, not sure yet. ha)

     All that being said, I'll hopefully remember to blog again sometime soon. Till then!